shaking business through entertainment sport culture lifestyle

shaking business through
entertainment sport culture lifestyle entertainment

PANAS is simply a strategic marketing agency, specialized in the main entertainment territories: sports, culture and lifestyle.

We are a community of professionals whose knowledge, experience and passion drive us to work for differential results.

Our mission is to improve the world of entertainment, and we will try to do so from two approaches:

Connecting brands with athletes and properties to develop successful relationships that connect with their community.

Providing them with content through strategy, creativity and innovation.

Without losing focus on the business.


[partners, mates, amigos]

A word that perfectly defines our way of understanding professional relationships, and which is embodied in our respect for the three most important resources:



Agility and to-the-point philosophy, systemically avoiding smoke and empty meetings.


Transparency and fluid communication, as the panas we are.


Business vision and focus on results.

A simple & straight to the point word,

like us.

Because, in the end, this is about people

Our goal was and is to create a company capable of defining and sizing its model in such a way that we are always able to think, create, attend and analyze each project with the energy and affection it deserves; treating clients, colleagues and collaborators as we like to treat our friends.

To our PANAS.


We provide analysis, strategy and content services.

And although we have the capacity to cover virtually any type of project, we focus on those in which our experience in the world of sports, culture and lifestyle are a truly differential value.


We help brands to capture and become strong in their brand territories, selecting the best environments and a notorious and differential activation.


We connect properties and brands, supporting them to make their relationship more attractive to the final audience.


We represent and assist professional athletes, focusing on their personal branding and fundraising strategy.